End of Term Report

Reflecting and evaluating the last 3 and half months, I have been grateful for each day. I keep saying it, but I recognize how privileged I am to have this opportunity. I like to think that I’ve earned, but I think I am pretty lucky too. 

Looking forward to what comes next. I have no need to take a break. I am absolutely driven to lead a creative life.  


End of Term Review of Work


Despite having very few visitors, it was a useful exercise to collect and display the work completed so far this semester.  

Some good feedback, although not many surprises. I’m still looking to resolve my issues with painting. Frankly, I didnt expect to struggle with it. Maybe I just need to work through more drawing and painting on paper before I am there.  

It was very nice to engage in Art Discussions and to feel less like an island for a day. I appreciate the sense of community and the chance to be critical. 

Boots revisited

I don’t want to give up on these because they are so personally meaningful. Will keep working on them, although I am happier with this version than the last. As is, this is still a WIP.  


Useful tool

The phone has become a useful tool to track evolution of work and just for looking. It’s provides another layer of viewing; almost like stepping back, but within the palm of your hand.  




Printing TShirts continued... my equipment is getting heavy use by others. I am able to use it after hours. Pretty sure this wasn’t a good business move. I am maintaining status quo for now, but really have to make a decision.  

Regret lingers.