Lists, stacks and stacks of lists

Although it's a new beginning of sorts, it certainly doesn't feel like starting over. Having a year to go back to school is an opportunity I don't want to waste. The initial intent was to find a way to merge business with studies, but if I have the liberty to pursue more personal and meaningful imagery over this year, I don't think I can pass that up. 

Buried in domestic, business, and assorted tasks, I've never found a way to stay on top of it all. Envying those who appear to have things together, I am still struggling. Middle Aged life brings an accumulation of responsibilities that just don't stop. Neglecting them causes stress. Before I can even start I've got stacks of lists to conquer. I wish I could check things off as fast as my current resting heart rate. 

It feels completely self-indulgent to spend a year at school. Funny that it makes me feel guilty. If I can find a way to carve out time for creative pursuits, I just may be ok.